Planiro understands the importance of ensuring confidentiality and integrity of Personal information of natural person and Information materials which are contained in Account of User, therefore, conclude with you (hereafter «User») the Privacy agreement (hereafter «Agreement») to determine the order of receiving, saving, processing, using and disclosure of Personal data by Planiro when User use services of Planiro and Website (hereinafter «Site»).

To use the Website and Services, the User must accept to the terms of this Agreement. User has no right to use the Website Services, if he does not agree with the terms of this Agreement.

User has no right to use the Website and Services and can not accept the terms of the Agreement unless it has reached the legal age when he has the right conclude such agreements with Planiro.


«Personal information» — information relating to a specific User that identifies the User as a single person.

«Public information» — information (including Personal information) to which single person — the owner of these information, provided access to unlimited number of persons (including by publication on any website without limiting access to these information) or which according to this Agreement and / or applicable legislation does not cover demand privacy.

«Account» — account that contains User authentication data (login and password) needed to identify Users when using the services and/or the Website.

«Cookie» — row of data that do not include Personal data, created by the Website and / or Software and saved in the User’s computer as one or more files. Blocking Cookie by the User will cause to difficulties of using the Website and Services or full impossibility of its using.

Information materials — any text, graphics, audio, video and mixed materials of an informative nature.

Subject of agreement

  1. This Agreement determines the procedure of receiving, saving, processing, using and disclosure of Personal and other information (including Information materials) provided by User when using, the Website and services.
  2. When using any part of the Website and / or services, User gives to Planiro right to receive, store, process, use and disclose Personal information of User on terms under this Agreement.
  3. This Agreement is not regulated and Planiro is not responsible for the procedure of receiving, saving, processing, using and disclosure of Personal information and Information materials of User to external companies and organizations that are not owned or controlled by Planiro, and natural person who are not employees of Planiro, even if User got access to websites, products or services of these natural or legal person using the Software and / or the Website.
  4. The purpose of receiving, saving, processing and using of Personal, Public and other information of User is to protect the interests of the User and Planiro, and providing services for User, including demonstration of personalized or general information, improving the quality of existing services provided by Planiro.

Receiving, Processing & Using of Information

  1. When creating an Account the User has to note authorization data, as well as first name, last name, e-mail and other information. After the creation and using the Account by User, Planiro is able to identify the User each time they use services and Website.
  2. Planiro not responsible for any losses incurred as a result of providing false information to the User (intentionally or unintentionally), or information that contains Personal or Public information to any third person.
  3. Planiro has the right to load on computers of User a Cookie (if the User does not limited opportunity in his browser) and to receive, save, process and use information contained in the cookie.
  4. When using the Websites and Services by User, the hardware of Planiro automatically saves, processes and uses information of User which are not related to Personal information, such as: IP-address of User, data location of User, which can be determined by IP-address, computer technical parameters of User, the availability or unavailability of specific software in computer of User, configuration of the software, cookies, and statistic information about User activity.
  5. Planiro has the right to keep Personal information and other data of User as long as necessary to implement the purpose, noted in this Agreement, or in terms established by applicable legislation of country Planiro’s, international legislation, or country of the User, or till the moment of deleting this data by User.

Access to Information

  1. Planiro is obliged not to provide Personal information to third parties for commercial purposes without consent of User, who owns this information. Transfer of Personal information to third parties is allowed in the following cases:
    • After obtaining the consent of the User who owns the information;
    • by reasonably request of government bodies which have right to receive such information.
    • In case if, according to Planiro, User violates the terms of this Agreement and / or other contracts and agreements between the User and Planiro.
  2. Planiro allows other companies with whom Planiro signed agreements, display advertising directly to the User in the Website. These companies may also receive, save and process information of the User (except Personal information and Information materials), such as IP-address, cookies, and statistic information about User activity to improve the quality of services and information of advertising type provided by these companies.
  3. User agrees that confidentiality of data transmitted over the Internet is not guaranteed and if access to the data obtained by third parties out of range of communications equipment, belonged to Planiro, Planiro is not responsible for damage caused by such access. Using by the User protocol HTTPS (if it is specified by Tariff plan of User) advance the security of transferring data in Internet.
  4. The User has the right to request, modify or delete Personal information, which are in Planiro. The User cant to change or delete his Personal data all alone by using appropriate functions of the Website and his Account. In case if it is impossible the User must declare the appropriate request, sending it to the contact address of Planiro, noted on the Website.
  5. In the case when using the Website the User in any way become known information regarding Planiro and / or third parties, which according to Russian Federation legislation relates to confidential and / or commercial confidentiality, User is prohibited to store, use and disseminate such information.
  6. Access to the account and the data stored in the User account is provided by using the appropriate username and password. If the Functions of Website accessible to the User can make public any information of User, the User solely and on his own responsibility activates and uses the Website’s features and services.
  7. In order to implement the rights of Users, as well as qualitative performance by Planiro its obligations under Agreements between the User and Planiro, Planiro can explore a variety of information contained in the accounts (the timely resolution of technical problems, the suppression of unlawful acts, violate the rights of users and / or Planiro and etc.)

Additional Terms

  1. Planiro has the right to amend to this Agreement. All amends to the Agreement will be available in a new version of the Agreement at In the case of significant amends to the Agreement, Planiro further inform User about these amends by e-mail. All amends to the Agreement shall enter into force after their publication. Using the services or Website the User agrees to new terms in the Agreement in force as from the date of using services or Website.
  2. Planiro is not responsible for loss or damage suffered by Users or third parties resulting from erroneous understanding or misunderstanding of the terms of this Agreement, instructions or guidance on the use of Website or Services for order of providing data and other technical issues.
  3. In the case of invalidation or unenforceable any part of this Agreement, other parts of the Agreement shall remain in force. Failure of either Party of any term or condition of this Agreement or any breach of them does not negate the effect of this provision or condition.
  4. Until this Agreement and relations between Planiro and the User, apply the legislation of Russian Federation. The Parties fully agrees that the competent courts of Russian Federation shall have exclusive jurisdiction for any claims and disputes relating to the Agreement.

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