Personal information you provide us with (your name, address, phone number, e-mail, credit card number) is confidential and is not a subject to disclosure to the third parties. Your credit card details are transferred as encrypted code and are not stored on our web-servers. The PayPal guarantees security of on-line payments. All transactions made with credit cards are done according to the requirements of VISA International, MasterCard, American Express and other payment systems. When transferring information special security technologies for on-line payments are used, data processing is done on the safe high-tech server of the processing company. In case of regular payments, upon making the first transaction your credit card number and it’s expiry date will be stored on the Bank’s side in the safe storage. After the end of the transaction or upon the completion of the service on the Bank’s side data will be deleted automatically. All Bank’s resources are used according to PCI DSS security standards.

While doing a transaction you’d be additionally forwarded to the web-page of the bank which issued your credit card to enter the security code (in case your bank supports the 3DSecure technology, and your card is eligible for this operation).

3DSecure is a procedure of additional authentication of the card holder, made to ensure the security of the on-line payments made with the credit card.

3DSecure technology has it’s own brand within each of the payment systems:

  • Verified by Visa – for Visa Int.-issued cards
  • MasterCard Secure Code – for cards issued by MasterCard Int.
  • SafeKey and JSecure – for American Express and JCB accordingly.

Regardless of the name 3DSecure technology suggests a secured session for on-line transactions and allows card-holders to confirm the transaction for their issuing bank.

In case of questions considering confidentiality of the information you provide please contact PayPal.